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Tree Felling

We undertake all aspects of tree maintenance work from pruning to large reductions, design and dismantling, both for Household and Commercial customers. You can be confident we provide our customers with a quality, professional, ‘value for money’ service. Priding ourselves on leaving an immaculately tidy site. We offer a complimentary on site advisory service, where we will recommend any necessary work. We carry out all work to the highest standards, using the most up to date techniques and machinery.

You can contact Steve at 07977 587 449 or 01639 701 784 for queries regarding tree surgery services in Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot, Porthcawl, and Bridgend areas

Tree felling and Tree care services:

It is perhaps reassuring how the majority of our work comes from either repeat business or customer recommendations. We also offer our existing clients an ‘annual callback service,’ on properties requiring regular pruning or attention. All our staff are experienced and friendly, with us receiving very positive feedback from our customer base.

All work is fully insured and a copy of our Public Liability insurance certificate is available upon request.

These examples below, summarise our comprehensive range of popular Tree Felling Services:


Tree trimming - reducing it’s overall size and shape - provides increased sunlight to the surrounding areas.


Removal of branches within the structure of the tree - provides increased localised sunlight.


Removal of some or the entire tree - prevents personal injury or damage to property.


Complete removal of a tree down to ground level - provides access and sunlight.



Removing small amount of the tree crown - offers a more balanced tree appearance, also reducing property obstruction


Risk and safety inspection reports as part of your health & safety standards


Remove trees, stumps and shrub from brown field or construction sites, allowing easier access for construction vehicles


Urgent rectification to trees - prevents further personnel and property damage


Using decay inspection equipment, on 'duty of care' obligations when managing potentially hazardous trees


Removing small amount of the tree crown - offers a more balanced tree appearance, also reducing property obstruction
Emergency tree work to the insurance industry, preventing further damage to property.
Risk inspections on property trees, supporting mortgage application processes.
Safety inspection reports to meet Health & Safety standards or, as part of preventatve maintenance.


A letter from Tim

It’s not often I feel it necessary to write something positive about a company when they have done some work for me. Usually I only feel like writing if I want to complain about them. But in Steve and Anthony’s case, because of how they dealt with my garden tree problem, it really is deserved and I’m only too glad to make an exception.

I was looking to build a conservatory or an extension on my property and had a couple of double glazing companies around to give me a quote for the job. The main obstacle to starting the work though, was some big trees on my property that needed to be removed first.

A mate said to try S and A Builders. At first I thought it was strange to ask builders to remove trees, but when they called to the house, I immediately got on with both Steve and Anthony and they gave me confidence they could do the job, and at a decent price too.

I was surprised at how professional they were in setting out to do the work. My immediate neighbours were really pleased too, as Steve spoke with them to make sure they were informed and told them how the work would proceed. This relieved their concerns about how the felling would cause damage to their houses or to ours.

To be honest, I never realised how much thought needs to go into something like this. They impressed me making sure I knew what was happening next and made sure to follow all the health and safety rules as well. So everything was handled safely. I also liked the fact the felled trees were disposed of in the right way and not just dumped. It was a really professional service by S and A and seeing how we can now build our extension on our garden was a really good feeling indeed.

This has lead on to me offering S and A the chance to quote on the main extension work that is expected to start early next year. If S&A do it, it would be like having old friends doing the work.

Thank you Steve and Anthony, we were very happy with your great service.

Want more info about tree surgery?

Please call Steve for advice, or to arrange Nigel to visit you to discuss/provide a quotation. You can also use our online form below to contact us regarding tree surgery queries.

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