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There are numerous local builders to choose from…however, the reassurance you’ll get from choosing S & A Builders is their experience and versatility.

Not only are S&A proficient with smaller building projects, but during recent years have created a proven track record with new and larger housing developments.

Their ‘development management’ capabilities have produced impressive results. S&A have a range of professionals within their team, that can advise on the requirements of a project even, if necessary, before the land is purchased.

Solicitors, Architects and Mortgage brokers have been carefully selected for their professionalism and direct experience in this specific field, in dealing with new and larger housing developments. This knowledgeable team, who work closely with S & A are readily available for whatever stage your building project currently stands at.

Whether that’s providing early advice on the building plot purchase, or identifying where and how utilities like electric, gas, water and sewerage are located and accessed.

S&A have formulated a ‘building system’ with larger projects, to reduce your costs by accelerating the construction process. One that can be adapted, depending on your specific financial or planning requirements.

In choosing S&A as your new housing development contractor, we believe we offer an unbeatable ‘trump card’ and that is, our self-sufficiency. Usually, other builders need to ‘buy in’ particular skills or support equipment, S & A already have all this at their disposal. Having the groundwork machinery and sufficient scaffolding etc. to ensure your plans run more efficiently. All this will further reduce your costs, as they are included in the impressive catalogue of construction services S & A offer as a standard.

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